B. A. Bryce




I hope to start adding some fun new personal embedded systems projects here. Most of my embedded systems work recently has been for work purposes (lithography tools, detectors, and control systems for tools). Some of my embedded system work from 2011-2012 can be found at what remains of the teho Labs website. There are some early IoT projects there and a music player (openHiFi2) that was rigorously tested (that I still use to play my FLAC archive).

I’ve moved my KiCAD tutorial here for long term preservation, as I will eventually shut down teho Labs completely.

An ancient (2006?) AVR project from my old website that still gets some traffic is the rapid slide digitizer. It is a good first bare metal project or project with relays/timing for someone new to embedded systems. Though I guess these days most folks would use an Arduino for such purposes rather than bare metal AVR.